About Tim Toula, TNT

TCM Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Certified Korean Hand Therapist
BEST and NET Chiropractic Practitioner, Researcher of Structured
Energy, Professional Rock Climber, and Climbing Guide

Tim Toula began researching and sampling plots in 1979 working alongside the US Forest Service studying dwarf mistletoe infestation in Colorado forests. His B.S. degree in Natural Sciences and Recreational Forestry from Northern Arizona University in 1982 led him to do more studies with the US Forest Service in high altitude seedling regeneration and endangered Fish Studies with the Utah Division of Wildland Resources.

Tim began an avid rock-climbing career in 1978 that led him to study extreme fitness levels and postgraduate studies in exercise physiology. He guided professionally with Exum Mountain Guides in the Grand Tetons from 1990 to 2004 and still guides today with Rocky Mountain Guides in Summit County Colorado. www.rockymountaingguides.com

While advancing in his professional climbing career in 1988, Tim became a student and practitioner of Acupuncture and Chiropractic. He studied Japanese Anma and Shiatsu under Sensei James Mochizuki 1993. He began formal Acupuncture Studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with masters Pao and Hui Chin Huang in 1995. His studies have led him to study many styles of acupuncture which include: Izhisaka Style with Naoki Kubota, more TCM with masters Hormudsvar Kaikobad, Patrick Mok, Tao Tan, Richard Tan, Jake Fratkin, David Legge and others. He trained formally with the creator of Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) Drs. Tae Woo Yoo, Hanok Lee, and Dan Lobash in the art of Koryo Sooji Chim since 2000.

Fascinated by the instant and easy methods of Korean Hand Therapy, he gained certification twice with Certifications #109 and #133. He learned Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture from Dr. T. Yamamoto since 2003. He is also knowledgeable in the practice of Chinese Herbs, Homeopathic, and Nutrition, having studied many years the works of Chinese herbal wisdom, as well as from American nutritional masters like Dr. Royal Lee (www.standardprocess.com) and Weston Price.

Since 1999, Tim also learned, practiced, and refined his practice of two forms of “soft” chiropractic known as NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) from Drs. Scott and Deb Walker and BEST (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) from Dr. Ted Morter. These chiropractic forms allow the patient to quickly remove the emotional blocks that powerfully hinder the body energy and immune systems.

As a result of working hard to figure out difficult clinical challenges for many patients, Tim developed an avid interest in dental health and how it affects the entire body! The works of Dr. Rheinold Voll and much clinical experience in collaboration with various dental practitioners has been clinically vital for creating wellness for patients.

Tim’s 26 years of practice and research into creating peak performance through the mixture of all these therapies enables him to see quickly the focal point of an individual’s health challenges. Neurology and how the brain works have also been a constant study. Tim has been certified in handwriting analysis (aka Brain Writing) with handwriting experts Bart and Curt Baggett. Handwriting Analysis is now used in 80% of the companies in Spain, France, and Germany to select employees. As a practitioner of NET, BEST, and Chinese Energetic therapies, Tim has cleverly married these therapies with the understanding of brain writing, to quickly remove subconscious roadblocks in people’s wellness.

It is an amazing way to gain insight into one’s character traits, as well as improve human performance and gain’s one health.

Rock Climbing and biking are also great ways of doing this too! Tim has rock climbed for 35 years involved in many first ascents in the USA. He’s been a professional rock climbing guide with Exum Mountain Guides in the Grand Tetons, and with Rocky Mountain Guides in Dillon Colorado. He’s pioneered many climbing routes across the USA, written climbing training insights, and written guidebooks since 1985 with A Cheap Way to Fly and A Cheap Way to Die, for Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ as well as compiling Rock‘n Road, An Atlas to Rock Climbing Areas in North America 1995/2002 2nd Ed. and www.forearmfighter.com He also loves transcontinental bike rides.

Since 2011, Tim’s studies have led him to study quantum physics in the workings of structured water alongside the creator of Natural Action Technologies structured water units, Clayton Nolte. He has studied the effects of Clayton’s structuring technology from both air and water standpoints employing technologies of the ancient acupuncture wisdom alongside the newer computer generated technologies of the GDV – Gas Discharge Visualization and Acugraph meridian testing. His latest offering is the technology of Structured Activation of Voice Energetics (S.A.V.E.). His work in structured energy research took him to the forefront of discovering completely new ways and methodologies of returning people to health. It has led him to share fascinating insights and practice of energetic testing through the use of structuring units to improve all life. He is avidly pursuing bringing structuring to the world of health, medicine, and agriculture with Natural Action Technologies www.naturalactionwater.com and his newly developing company, www.iondirectionenergetics.

Tim’s broad, yet detailed, experiences have given him unique insights into health and how one can regenerate from any health challenge. He’s confident he can help you improve your life. You can be too.

After all, who are you, anyway but like now, too happy and healthy?

A Sante!

Tim N. Toula