What is the difference between the Super Shower, and the Mini Shower?

The Super Shower product has twice the flow forms inside the canister, which has the effect of doubling the energy. Increased energy assists with handling more toxicity in water. In addition, we benefit from its increased aliveness.

Are there any side affects of drinking Structured Water ?

There are no harmful side affects from drinking Structured Water . A small percentage of people might experience a slight detox the first couple of days they drink the water as a result of toxins being released from the body.
If this does occur, just cut back on the amount of Structured Water for a few days then increase again.

Are your products guaranteed?

We provide a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (from the date of your purchase) or Your Money Back!

As a tenant, I’m not allowed to permanently install a house product on the pipes. What’s the best option?

The Under The Sink product is a perfect choice. It’s easy to install, it can be removed quickly when moving, and it will serve to give you clean Structured Water for dishes, cooking, drinking water, cleaning and more – right from the kitchen sink.

Can I pour boiling water through the Portable?

Yes, pouring hot water through the Portable will not damage it.

Can I pour other liquids through my Portable?

Although its primary design is for use with water, you can use it with other liquids. However, it must be cleaned out thoroughly afterward with soapy water to keep it clean and free of mold.

Can I use the Portable product to structure other liquids?

Yes. Our Portable Structures juices of any kind (apple, grape, orange, etc) brings more flavor to the juice. You can also structure your coffee or tea with the Portable.

Can I use the Super Shower product outside the United States?

Yes, the Super Shower product works on international metric pipes as well.

Can the Structured Water Unit work efficiently with Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Yes. Whether the unit is placed before or after the Reverse Osmosis system you will wind up with Structured Water.

Do I install the structuring product on the hot or cold line?

The Under The Sink product should be installed on the cold water line. When turning on the hot water, it will mix with the cold water and the water coming out the faucet will be structured.

Does Structured Water remove chlorine and fluoride from the water?

Our Structured Water products are not filters and do not remove anything physically from the water. The chemical/toxin is physically there, but its molecular structure has changed. Through structuring, the water is made healthy by neutralizing the toxins in the water through molecular change.

When you are testing for chlorine or any other chemical, you are using a test for chemistry. When water is structured the chemical is still there, but it is in a different molecular structure.

This is like testing for carbon. Diamonds and coal are both carbon. If all you are doing is testing for carbon, you will find carbon in both. That doesn’t mean they have the same structure. With diamonds and coal, you can easily witness a difference with your eyes.

With Structured Water and regular water, you don’t necessarily see a difference with your naked eye, except at higher magnifications under a microscope. But most importantly, you will witness a difference with your health and well-being.

Does the Structured Water Unit filter out the toxins?

No. It neutralizes toxins. It pulls toxins into the inner molecule of the water so they pass through the body without being absorbed. If there is room left in the molecule it will pull toxins out of the body as well.

Everything in the water is structured; gases go into the air, frequency memories are erased and the physical goes out your elimination system. You are a filter for all you eat. What part of an apple goes into your cells? Energy.

Structured water, the truth of Nature, can only carry into the cells that which is good for life. All these elements ride on the outside of the water molecule in the form of memory and are instantly made available at the cellular level upon demand. Structured Water, instant hydration, at the cellular level attracts into itself that which is detritus to life such as heavy metals, disease, toxins, free radicals and all elements not part of ones original DNA or RNA. In other words the Truth of Nature cannot harm Nature. It is always a benefit without effort.

Remember, if you have chlorine in your water and you structure it, chlorine gas is lighter than water and heavier than air. So after structuring and organizing, chlorine gas will rise to the surface of your glass of water so you may smell it and taste it. A solution would be to blow on the surface of the water or fill the container till it overflows. Depending on the amount of chlorine added to the source you may have to allow your water to set for a few minutes before consuming.

The other aspect of chlorine and any other previous contaminants within your source water prior to structuring will remain in a physical and vibration state. These contaminates remain embedded in the residue calcium and aggregates in your pipe system until they are fully dissolved by the Structured Water. Structured Water remains so through boiling and can not carry with it any thing detrimental to life. Just blow on the top of your glass and it will mostly be gone. Also you can treat it as a fine wine and let it breath.

How do I clean my Portable?

The Portable is dishwasher safe, but can also be cleaned by soaking it overnight submerged in 1/2 cup of vinegar and some water.

I live outside the United States. What is the easiest product to adapt to our metric pipes and connectors?

Order the 2” NPT Commercial product. It can be adapted to your pipes and connectors 50mm and smaller down to 25mm. If the pipe is 25mm or smaller order a House product.

I would like to order a Structured Water product for my pool. What do I need to know before I make my purchase?

You need to know

  • the type of pipe you will be installing our product on. (ie: copper, PEX, CPVC, PVC, or galvanized)
  • the pipe size you will be installing our product on. Learn how to Measure a Pipe

If I am watering my garden with a Structured Water Large Garden product, will my neighbor’s plants be also benefited?

The effects of Structured Water extend out to about 1,000 ft. Through entrainment, everything within 1,000 feet of the Structured Water will benefit from it’s energy and be healthier.

What benefits might I experience by using a Large Garden product to grow my plants?

Live plants LOVE Structured Water ! Some benefits include larger, healthier plants, plants that withstand more extreme temperatures, better hydration resulting in lower water requirements, higher nutrient levels, and plants that attract less insects due to superior health.

What happens to the toxins in the water?

The toxins will stay in the molecule of the water until it finds a source where it belongs.

What is the difference between the Original and the Dynamically Enhanced Unit?

In a nutshell, the flow form design in both the original Structured Water Units and now the Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Units provides the platform for water to do the same multi-spin vortexing dance that it does in nature which then cleans the memory, infuses biophotonic energy and balances the water.

With the original Structured Water Units you are then able to infuse your own intentions or energy imprint into the water or just keep it clear. But now with the Dynamically Enhanced Units because the proprietary blend contains natural elements from the earth, the water is being energetically cleaned and then infused with earth energy imprints just as water naturally does in nature.

The most pristine earth elements were selected to put inside the Dynamically Enhanced Unit flow form so to infuse the water with high quality energy.

What is the shelf life of Structured Water after it has gone through the Unit?

If no other major alterations are done to the water either by a harmful water system or by putting the water near harsh electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) then the structured water will remain structured 7 to 10 days in direct sun light and in the confines of your home baring any of the forgoing conditions up to 30 to 60 days and even longer as we become more in tune with being structured ourselves.

Other ways to extend this order are to place the water in cobalt blue containers this keeps the water shielded from the energies of the outside World. Use sodium bentonite clay containers.

This material exudes the energy of all the minerals essential to life.

What other ways can I utilize a Large Garden product?

The garden product can be used when traveling in your RV, to enjoy Structured Water on the road. Simply attach it to the water port on your RV or the water faucet from which you will getting water. The garden product can also be used in green houses, or with any other application where you will be connecting a garden hose.

What size Commercial products do you offer?

Our commercial size product accommodates larger pipes sizes such as 1 1/4”, 1 1/2” and 2” pipes. This size product works well on pools, in large buildings, and on larger pipe sizes needed in agricultural settings.

When I traveling, can I use my Mini Shower product to structure my drinking water?

Sure! Just pour your water through either end of the Mini Shower product and enjoy Structured Water as it comes out the other end.

Which end of the Mini or Super Shower products is the top end?

The top is the end without a brass nipple. It is the end that screws onto the pipe coming out of the wall. The bottom end has a brass nipple at the end of the Mini or Super Shower product and your showerhead or nozzle will attach there. Further installation instructions with pictures will also be included with your boxed product when it arrives in the mail.

Which is the top end of my Portable?

The top end is the big end that looks life a funnel. Simply pour your liquid through the funnel end and enjoy the Structured Water coming out the bottom end.

Will the Structured Water Unit help protect me against bacterias and parasites?

Structured water enhances aerobic (good) bacteria and helps to eliminate anaerobic (bad) bacteria. How does it do that? Well the answer is oxygen, lots of free stable oxygen.

This is an automatic result of Structured Water’s balance of Nature. Clayton Nolte has found that structured water is less likely to enhance elements detrimental to life and this statement is inclusive of diseases.

Bodies of surface water, standing water, water in and around cooling systems, water that is used over and over is dead water; water void of free stable oxygen, void of life force energy and overburdened with memory