Minbiotics Mineral Supplement


Minbiotics™ is an amazing functional mineral supplement that adds to the functionality of the water and is comprised of a natural source of volcanic minerals left in their natural ratios.

The latest science shows that trace mineral depletion in our soil may be the leading cause of many biological malfunctions due to modern day methodology in agriculture.  They are likely essential to DNA and other protein formation, along with proper immune system function for all of biology.  Natural Action’s years of agriculture research concludes with the same findings.

​Minbiotics™ has amazing abilities beyond providing over 80 trace minerals essential for the body.  For those who cannot afford high quality filtration, it has the added benefit of being able to isolate and precipitate many of the major concerns found in well, tap, and other sources water.  For those who can afford high quality filtration, along with water structuring, it is the final addition to bringing water to a version of its full potential.  Its abilities are well documented.

Since water has so much diversity, we recommend structuring, filtering, and supplementing as the closest pathway to representing the magical and pristine waters Viktor Schauberger spoke about in his writings.  Minbiotics™ natural raw material was sought by us worldwide to fill the natural mineral void that exists in food and water and is processed by ‘washing’ into a mineral colloid (liquid concentrate) to be added at a ratio of 1 tsp/gallon or less.  The accumulated cost is approximately .8 cents per gallon.  An 8 oz. bottle will serve a family of four for approximately one month.

The proof is in the results.  Ask your prospective or current brand to provide similar lab reports.