We are calling Balanced Energy’s, Structured Energetics Workshops, “Mind Magic Works! ”, because they do.  These workshops provide you with the tools you need for life.  If you are interested in maximum health, this is the seminar for you.

If you own a portable device from Natural Action Technologies, you already know how great structured water and structured air is for your health, happiness, and well-being.

Did you know you can also listen to your voice with your portable unit in your ear, and the words that you speak can change your world in one week? It’s magical!

I call it this seminar Mind Magic Works , and when you attend you will learn how to effortlessly change your life, by neutralizing events in your past.  Why not? After all, when you pour water or blow air through the portable energy device, it changes the structure of the water and air using quantum physics.

What if you could speak a series of words out loud words to yourself, with the device in your ear, and make any emotional pain melt away?  Just think back to all those painful memories as a child—all the disappointments and abuse you suffered from others.  That trauma is still locked in your mind, replaying old tapes that dictate your behavior.

Now you can be free in as little as one week with the tools you will learn in Mind Magic Works .

What would freeing up that emotional pain be worth to you?  You would have greater energy, greater self-confidence, and more creativity!  And what if you were to learn how to do that for your friends — to help them remove pain, both physical and emotional?  In the Mind Magic Works seminar, you will do that for yourself. Burdens will be lifted and you will feel like a new person.   It is so simple and so profound that it will amaze you.

Clayton Nolte said, “Wind blowing across leaves creates negative ions, which are positive for humans to breathe.”

Likewise, when you breath structured air, it balances the hemispheres of your brain.  So what happens when you hear words spoken across the same flow forms that magically structure water and air making them more positive for humans?  Think about that!  It’s Mind Magic,  folks.


As a mental health provider practicing Medical Hypnosis for over 37 years, I can’t tell you how excited I was to experience the changes for myself when I attended a seminar taught to me by my friend, Tim Toula.  If you think the water poured through the device and breathing structured air is magical… just wait until you experience the Mind Magic Works seminar, based on the SAVE Techniques, created by Tim Toula.  I call them ‘the tools for life’.

In the workshop, you will learn how the mind works FOR you and AGAINST you.  I am going to demonstrate and show you how to change your personal history in about 2 minutes and how to neutralize negative toxic events from the past that hold you back, and to let go of them so they no longer bother you.  At the very same time, you will enhance all the positive events, so they empower you.  You still remember the past events, but you are now free to move on in life, liberated from the past!

Wow!   What a concept!

This is a personal growth workshop where people actually grow!  Be the person you were born to be … unlock your potential today!  Take back control of your life, and learn how to teach it to others — especially your children.

I am teaching Mind Magic workshops on how to maximize the use of the Natural Action Technologies to positively change your life in one day!  And that’s just the beginning, because you will have the tools for life that everyone needs to help neutralize any traumatic challenge past, present, and future!  And that means it’s the workshop that never ends!  By attending the workshop you will have all the tools you need to keep going.  You will be empowered!

No pain and lots of gains, no matter what your problems are.   Physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual they can all be cleared with the tools you learn in the Mind Magic Works seminar.  You will learn how to link your subconscious mind with your conscious mind using your portable device from Natural Action Technologies.  I will teach you how to clear most of your problems the first day of the workshop, and I will teach you how to do the same for yourself, family and friends!  Mind Magic Works! The techniques you will learn are based on the creative genius of Tim Toula and Clayton Nolte.

You will be taught all the latest information about how to correctly use structured air, water, and sound to fix any problem in your life.

This is new technology based on quantum physics and energy. It runs circles around any other method of therapy, detoxing, or problem-solving or motivational seminars available today.  It’s going blow your mind.  You will not believe how easy it is to remove the things from your past that are holding you back in the present.  It is so easy to change with Mind Magic , you will ask yourself, “how differently would my life have been if I would have been taught this in school or at home as a child”?

In the workshop, you will learn how to bring yourself back into balance using your portable Natural Action Technology device, and you will be able to test the results of your work instantly with a simple muscle test we teach you to do in the class!

Want to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome depression, pain, lack of confidence, increase sales, be more creative, problematic children, marriage issues, fears, and anxiety, no problem is too big or too small.  We have yet to find an issue this does not neutralize!  You can apply this technique toward any issue you may be suffering from, and personally, I don’t think it is possible for someone to attend this workshop and not experience a shift in consciousness and relief on a permanent basis.  This technology is designed to lift you up where all others let you down and balance your mind, body, and spirit so you can and will go out and be all that you were designed to be.

This is the fastest, most powerful program for personal growth available today.  Most people start changing within one week as it takes a few days for the mind to process it all.

All workshop attendees must be 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent/guardian.  If accompanied by a parent/guardian, the parent/guardian must also pay to attend the workshop.  Email us for the time, location, and date of the next workshop.

Each participant must have a Natural Action Technology portable device, either an Original or Dynamically Enhanced, to attend.

If you need a device from Natural Action Technologies to attend the seminar, you may purchase it from us at the lowest price anywhere, and we offer a 90-day money back guarantee on the technology purchased from us for your use.

We suggest the portable device Dynamically Enhanced or the Original, either will work. We recommend the Natural Action Technologies portable device, if you do not already own one from them.  If you already own a N.A.T. device that you purchased from someone else, you can attend the workshops and we will deduct our price of the portable unit ($299 USD) from the total cost of the workshop.  For example, if the workshop cost $700 and you already have a device, you may attend the workshop for $381.  But if you did not purchase your device from me, I cannot offer a money back guarantee on the technology.

If you have a problem or a multitude of problems … all that means is you’re out of balance, resulting from trauma and toxins experienced from day to day living.   In other words, we are all messed up and the good news is we can fix that now faster than ever without any pain.  Plus I teach you how to fix any problem in the future!  You will walk out of this seminar with the tools you need for life.

This is the fastest, most powerful program for personal growth available today.  Most change within one week.  Each participant must own a Natural Action Technology portable device to attend, and we offer a 100%, 90-day money back guarantee on the technology purchased from us for your use.

Email us if you are interested in attending a workshop, and we will provide you all the information about times, date, and cost.